Top Places Nearby the Hotel 81 Singapore at Dickson Road

Hotel 81 Singapore that lies on Dickson is considered the best one. It can be because of its excellent location. The location is in Little India, where there are endless amusement things here.  

This place is very lively, colorful with a very dense population.  Those who visit this place will never feel like this place is in Singapore.

Any Idea of Spending Your Staycation Singapore Here?

Well, the situation around the hotel is not orderly like the one in Orchard Road, for example. But, this is the actual attraction. Hotel 81 Singapore will allow everyone to enjoy another side of Singapore. The first place to visit is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

It is one of the oldest temples for Hindu people in the city. The place is for the people who believe in a goddess with the same name. The temple was built at the beginning of the 19th-century by Singapore immigrants.

It has gone through several renovations after it was destroyed during World War II. It is located precisely at Serangoon Road.

Another look-alike temple is the Sri Srinivasa Perumal. The location is on the same road. It is older than the previously mentioned one. It is named after Lord Vishnu as the world’s protector. It is famous for its five tiers of gatehouse towers that are full of Vishnu’s avatars.

Food Attractions

Of course, this is another reason why Hotel 81 Singapore is worth anyone’s time and money. Don’t forget that India is famous for its various cuisines.  So, if you are a food enthusiast you should try visiting some restaurants here.

First of all, Khansama Tandoori Restaurant is the most favored one here. At least that’s how Google gives five stars.  Tandoori foods here are delectable and worth trying. Most of them are spicy so if you don’t like spicy dishes, you can ask the chef to customize the spices for you.

For vegans, they can try Komala Vilas Restaurant. This is the most recommended restaurant, thanks to its various kinds of cuisines. Its real highlight is the pure vegetarian menus. This is why the prices of most food are more expensive than common Indian foods. But, they are mouthwatering, even for non-vegans.

Another recommended restaurant here is the Flavours of Bengal and Punjab. Among its best cuisines include Macher or fish cutlet, Kolkata Chop that means Minced Chicken, and many other desserts that you might have never heard before.

For the last effort, Madras New Woodlands Restaurant should be on your list. This is another recommended restaurant that will make you want more. But, this restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards, so any guest should prepare some cash. Don’t worry, the prices of all foods don’t break your bank account. Even you’ll be surprised at how cheap those delicious foods are.

So, you won’t feel starved whenever you stay at Hotel 81 Singapore at Dickson Road. It can be your best staycation Singapore hotel that delivers the most outstanding living experiences.

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